A response to the
the climate emergency

in Morocco

The Project

This project aims to fight against the climate emergency, deforestation, rural exodus and poverty by creating an international replicable pilot project, within the framework of a farm-school, a place of demonstration and training, knowledge and technology transfer including :

  • a nourishing and medicinal forest for food and economic sovereignty via permaculture.
  • a nursery to provide the beneficiaries, through women’s cooperatives and local associations, with the necessary plants to reproduce their own nourishing and medicinal forest. The nursery is realized in collaboration with the High Atlas Foundation to ensure the availability of plants (fruit trees, shrubs, aromatic and medicinal plants, market garden plants…..) and the multiplication of food and medicinal forests, making the plants available free of charge to the beneficiaries of the project for their food and medical care

With the objective:

  • To sustainably improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries by increasing their income, food autonomy and disease prevention through a healthy and diversified diet.
  • To support the beneficiaries, women’s cooperatives and local associations, in a sustainable way by safeguarding their know-how and in particular their traditions and the reactivation of ancestral preventive medicinal knowledge.

This farm-school trains people in permaculture, agroforestry, agroecology, and health sciences through plants, nature and ancestral knowledge. It also consists of training trainers who will in turn train others to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The beneficiaries
The region

The N’Terractive Association

The project is initiated and coordinated by the Swiss N’Terractive Association

The  N’Terractive association was created in November 2006 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It works for environmental awareness and rational management of natural resources at regional, national and international levels.

The founding members of N’Terractive are motivated and competent women, Dr. Es science, active in the fields of management, technology and knowledge transfer and in the coordination and management of scientific and interdisciplinary projects.

N’Terractive association develops interdisciplinary projects by creating networks between universities, polytechnics, universities of applied sciences, international organizations, NGOs and SMEs in Switzerland and abroad.

Its objective is to support the socio-economic development of populations dependent on natural resources, to develop and monitor socio-educational projects and to valorize natural resources.

Our partners are

Our sponsors are :

We warmly thank the Audemars Piguet Foundation for its generous donation for the establishment of a nursery and the construction of the first food and medicinal forest in Morocco.

We would like to thank the ProTechhno foundation which supported us at the very beginning of our project by financing the preliminary study of the project “For the creation of a pilot project for the valorization of plant species adapted to the Moroccan semi-arid zones and to support the socio-economic development of disadvantaged regions”.